You will be able to use your NFT for games, earning, renting, staking, and collecting.

Racers are you ready for the fastest NFT game on the Harmony Blockchain?

WenLamboNFT is multi-functional NFT. Hold and earn the native token, HVILLE, which can be used to upgrade, rent, buy and participate all around Harmonyville. You will also compete against other racers in games, complete missions, and use your LAMBO in other projects launching on Harmony Protocol.
The game is an auto chess style, simulated NFT racing game with 3D visuals for an all immersive experience. With stops throughout Harmonyville, you will be able to visit your garage, the showroom, speed shop, bank, market, auction and other interactive places in the WenLamboNFT ecosystem.
There are well over 15 million variations without duplication and we are only minting 10,000 total.
Buckle up and let's go.
Last modified 5mo ago
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